LRES-UK Ltd Energy from Waste

Providing professional cleaning services to the Energy from Waste (EfW) industry

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LRES-UK Ltd work in partnership with a number of Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities across the country providing shot blasting, boiler cleaning, rope access boiler works and high risk confined space rescue teams via our sister company, Confined Space Rescue during scheduled outages.

Our fully trained and highly experienced teams access difficult plant areas and clean them using pressure washing, vacuum removal, air lancing or other appropriate techniques.

Our services include; boiler or economiser shot blasting in preparation for non-destructive testing, SA3 blasting for Inconel overlay or welding, emergency maintenance and coating. When required, LRES-UK Ltd can complete works various intervals to allow for non-destruction testing to take place.

LRES-UK Ltd EfW cleaning services include…

• Air Pre-Heaters
• Ash Dischargers
• Baghouses
• Boilers
• Contractors Work Areas
• Conveyors
• Fans
• Gas Passes
• Gasifiers
• Grates
• Hoppers
• Internal & External Scaffolding
• Lab loop
• Rope Access Boiler Deslag
• Vacuum DISAB Servicing
• Walkways

Via our sister company Confined Space Rescue we offer high risk rescue services for the EfW sector.

To equire how our industrual cleaning services can
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