LRES-UK Ltd High Pressure Jetting

Harnessing the raw power of presurised water to remove coatings and contamination from structures

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LRES-UK Ltd provide high pressure jetting cleaning services using up to 33,000psi. Our teams utilise the raw power of high pressure water without abrasive additives to remove paint, rust, primers, and other coatings from almost any surface. Using high pressure jetting does not cause damage, generate heat or create dust so is perfect for use in almost every environment.

Building Cleaning

Cleaning a can be a large job requiring specialist equipment, knowledge and experience. With LRES-UK Ltd using the right apparatus with careful planning, we carry out safe and thorough building cleaning using tried and tested methods.

Floor Cleaning

In warehouses and factories, the floors can become very dirty very quickly. This not only looks unsightly but affects the safety of the environment. Our floor cleaning service is fast and efficient at getting your floors spotless.

Graffiti Removal

Often creating the wrong impression, graffiti is easily removed using high pressure jetting and allows you to restore your building to its former glory. Rather than using harsh chemicals which could cause damage to the building, high pressure jetting provide an affordable and professional graffiti removal solution.

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