LRES-UK Ltd Rescue Services

Using climbing techniques to clean in the most difficult to reach locations without the use of scaffolding or aerial platforms

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Confined Space Rescue is the rescue subsidiary of LRES-UK Ltd. The rescue team are specialists within the gas, oil and utilities industries and have years of proven experience. The team have an excellent understanding of what issues or problems could arise at a moments notice.

LRES-UK have a highly qualified personnel experienced in many environments. LRES-UK consist of trained operators, breathing apparatus specialists and first aiders.

During a recent training session, the aim was to retrieve a casualty from a high risk confined space. Although not all confined spaces are fully enclosed, in this case it was a small pipe under a bridge just big enough for one person to fit in. As an extra challenge, the pipe was full of water. This highly dangerous scenario represents the exact kind of task in which Confined Space Rescue will tackle day-to-day.

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