LRES-UK Ltd Tank Cleaning

Scheduled and one off cleaning tanks used to store oils, chemicals, waste water and other products

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LRES-UK Ltd are experienced in many tank environments including bulk storage terminals, energy from waste facilities, oil refineries, power stations, production and manufacturing environments, hazardous environments and many more.

Our experience allows us to provide bespoke cleaning solutions in tanks used to store various product types including crude oil, fuel oil, slop oil, hazardous chemicals, waste water and other products.

Whether you require scheduled maintenance or a one-off clean, removing solids and sludge, decontaminating, renovating or decommissioning of a tank will be expertly handled by our trained cleaning teams.


The decommissioning of structures demands a combination of experience, technology and know-how in which LRES-UK Ltd has extensive experience dismantling many types of structures including fuel and chemical storage tanks.

Our teams specialise in the demolition of complex and difficult structures and in facilities contaminated with hazardous products and radioactive materials. Once the tank cleaning process has taken place we will issue a Gas Free certificate which allows further decommissioning to take place within 24 hours.

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